EmbediVet System

Health & Productivity

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Our EmbediVet system sends data from your animals to your account letting you keep track of your herd 24/7 on your phone or laptop. 

  • Health. Early disease detection allows you to treat your animal early saving labor, antibiotics and weight loss.

  • Alerts. Get notification of calving and distress. Avoid loss and boost productivity. 

Biosecurity & Traceability


The EmbediVet system makes finding and addressing biosecurity concerns on the farm easier. Further down the food chain it helps trace outbreaks and contamination back to their sources. Each EmbediVet Sensor is uniquely associated with its host animal and is tamper resistant. Detection of illness allows the farmer to intervene early and prevent disease from spreading.


Animal Welfare

With increased public focus on animal welfare in our food chain, we are proud that the EmbediVet contributes to a humane environment for livestock management.


  • EmbediVet’s distress alerts allow ranchers to intervene quickly.

  • Detecting sick animals in a herd stops disease from running undetected and prevents animals from being euthanized unnecessarily.

  • EmbediVet’s ability to measure an animal’s core temperature also provides crucial data to prevent livestock death in stressful summer conditions.